Palos Verdes Project | TV Room

Palos Verdes Project  |  TV Room

Upstairs TV Room Reveal!

So some exciting stuff has been happening at The BamHouse, client wise. One of my very first clients reached out to me almost a year ago to help her fill her blank walls of her upstairs TV room. It was mainly used for video game playing by her son, but there were nights when they’d all end up snuggled up there watching TV. I gladly accepted and we began our relationship and process. She knew this was new to me and that I had just completed my certificate in interior design so I asked her to bear with me as I figured stuff out. Then, an unfortunate flood happened in their home (it didn’t affect the upstairs TV room, but priorities shifted) and the project was stalled for a few months as actual construction had to be done. Floors were pulled up, the bottom kitchen cabinets were ripped out, and dry wall needed to be replaced. Her and her husband’s hearts were broken as this was their dream home and they had to figure out everything all over again. I was consulted on flooring and wall paint color which turned out beautiful (I will share pictures later).

As soon as the damage of the flood was reconciled it was time to start designing the upstairs TV room again. The location of their home boasts amazing views of the ocean, and they wanted that to be reflected in the design. It was pretty outdated when they moved in and although they had upgraded some things, some rooms just felt empty like they had just moved in.

Here is the room before:

And here is the room AFTER!!!:

There was a pretty tight budget and that TV console really meant something to my client’s husband so I wasn’t allowed to get rid of it. The overall design and styling brought life and personality to the space, which was the ultimate goal. What do you think?