Becca Mendez  |  Founder & Senior Designer

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Our homes are the backdrops of our memories with our friends and families. When I think about interior design, I think about a sun drenched Sunday brunch with friends, a dinner table where a family talks about their day, or a snuggle on the sofa during movie night.

My approach to design is to customize it’s function to each client. Interior Design seems so formal, so stuffy, but great design can also be extremely functional and accessible. You don’t have to have a huge ground up construction project to hire a designer (though I will gladly take those!), but any design dilemma where you need help, even if it’s just a room. With two kids of my own, I know how fragile things can be, how you want to hide the ugly stuff, but also want it to look great when you have people over or wake up in the morning.

Feeling overwhelmed with your space? LET ME HELP! A lot of people watch HGTV and think they can have a designed and beautiful home as easy as the producers make it look, but there is a lot, and I mean A LOT, of work that goes into those spaces. Maybe you’ve rolled up your sleeves, but don’t exactly know where to start? I love Joanna Gaines as much as the next person, but maybe – just maybe, modern farmhouse doesn’t work with your architecture? Or the paint colors you see on T.V. don’t exactly look right on your walls? You need a designer. Call me.


A Little More About Me –

I started the traditional route and wound up with a couple degrees from a UC school, then went back to school for advertising/graphic design. This quickly evolved into a love of architecture and interior design. So what did I do? I went back to school – taking classes to learn the fundamentals of interior design and the programs I needed to succeed in the industry. Then I started taking on clients.

I am a wife to my high school sweetheart and mama to two amazing little ones (who I sometimes will brag about on here). I live in Los Angeles in a small townhouse that we bought in May 2016. It’s been a crazy few years and I hope it gets even crazier. I’d love nothing more than to make the homes of others feel like a place they love to be.