House Hunting

The hunt that seems like it will never end.

Well it’s been about 2 months (only!?) since we first started looking to buy and I’m sad to tell you that we have bought ZERO houses. We made an offer on a TWO bedroom (yes we figured it could work for us for 5 years until we could move on to something bigger) in Torrance, but even that fell through. We got closer than the one in Hawthorne though. We even had a counter offer! gasp! but it was a multiple counter (meaning it went to everyone who made an offer) and ultimately they didn’t like our down payment. Uggghhh…The search continues.

I don’t know what the hell made me think that buying a house/townhouse/condo was going to be fun, but this is really the opposite of fun. It’s fun backwards. N-U-F. That’s how I feel, like I’ve had eNUF (see what I did there, wink wink). The shows on HGTV glamorize the hell out of this process. “Here are 3 options now decide and voila! you bought a house!” Really it’s a never ending cycle of “umm… this isn’t perfect and the area is a little sketch because of our budget; It’s a lot smaller than I wanted, but yes, yes I can live with this; It’s actually perfect for us right now. OK. Put the offer in stat! Oh ok, we can come sign the papers tonight. Waittttt……oh they countered? what do they want? YES! YES! waaaaiiittttt……oh we didn’t get it? sad face, maybe shed 2 tears, not 3! Well something better is out there for us anyway.” All this usually happens within 48 hours. I get emotionally attached to these properties because it’s going to be our home and you want to feel like you’re buying something you can actually see yourself living in, but then inevitable heartbreak. It’s exhausting to say the least.

Daniel thinks I am making too much out of it. When I say I’m exhausted he laughs like I can only be exhausted if I just ran a marathon. I can’t say that he doesn’t get it because he’s right there with me. As much as he mocks me, he’s also super down. He never complains that we are seeing ANOTHER property or that we spend a good portion of our weekends nowadays tracking down open houses or scheduling tours with our realtor. I think we both feel that if we go hardcore now it means we will buy something faster. Let’s hope.

A friend of ours, Marissa, urged us to start a blog because she feels that a lot of other young (30 is the new 20, people!) couples like us are going through the same thing. We make pretty good money, we don’t buy expensive cars or designer clothes. Why can’t we afford a house in Southern California? There are tons of articles about how LA and OC are grossly overpriced compared to what people are being paid, blah blah. Yes, but unless that changes our house hunt continues – in the “seedier, but not TOO seedy” neighborhoods of Southern California. Stay tuned.

Here we are at a few of these “prospects”

Bellflower_park HawGardens

That’s our adorable baby, Jack, and I am burning that shirt when I get home. I should listen to my coworker Liz when she says, “horizontal stripes are not flattering on anyone.”