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Friday Finds

Friday Finds

OK guys. I have been pretty much sucking at “every Friday I’m going to post my top 5 picks for the week!” But I actually did it this week and it’s stuff that I have been eyeing for awhile. Let me know what’s on the top of your list this week!

  1. We have a small townhouse because that’s pretty much all we could afford in the area we were looking at and we happen to have tons of alcohol even though we really don’t party anymore. This bar shelf seems seriously perfect for a small space like ours to keep all of our adult beverages on.
  2. I love to keep matches in the bathroom. Striking a match is so much better than scented sprays. I have been wanting this match striker for about a year now. It’s so chic in it’s matte black finish and I like to think I’m a pretty sophisticated lady sometimes…
  3. I’ve never seen a magazine rack that I thought looked amazing and then started immediately imaging it in my home, but this one from Anthropologie is seriously so simple and yet so stylish. It works well with the beachy vibe that I am trying to achieve and who doesn’t have random magazines that they are just dying to find something stylish to put them in?
  4. This bookshelf is seriously so sexy. I imagine it in Don Draper’s office. When I really think about it I have no idea where I would put this, but it’s just soooo sleek so I want it.
  5. Our bedroom is a bonafide disaster. We have an amazing duvet cover from West Elm, but other than that I haven’t really touched it (more of that coming), but this sconce is something I will definitely be needing over my shoulder when I start reading (ok watching, t.v.) in bed.

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